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UPDATE:  Your water is safe to drink.  The Boil Order has been lifted!  As a precaution, in the early morning of Saturday, October 9th a boil order was sent out from the City of Lenoir (whom we purchase our water from).  Results from extensive testing show that the water was not effected, and the boil order was lifted as of 10:11 pm on the same day.


Consumer Confidence Report 2020


Attention Customers:


A water rate increase will be issued on


October 1st, 2021


New Rate:


Minimum $20.00 for up to 3,000 gallons


$6.00 per each additional 1,000 gallons


Due to the increase of our resale rate through the City of Lenoir, the rise of fuel prices and a surge in the cost of maintenance materials, we feel this increase is necessary. This will be our second rate increase since 2014.


We have always taken pride in providing a fair price to our customers and our hope is that this increase will satisfy for years to come.





Please be advised if your meter is disconnected by Baton Water Corporation from non payment or any other reason and you take it upon yourself to turn it back on, that is considered tampering and there will be a fee of $300 charged to your account. During the disconnection process your meter will be monitored for usage. If something appears to be wrong with your meter please do not try to fix the issue yourself. Please call our office. Thank You!