Baton Water Corporation


1965 - The Baton community began to talk of their need to have a water system. It took two years of knocking on doors and setting up meetings to get enough people to sign up for water services. Membership fees were $10.00 and the tap on fee was $25.00.

1967 - With 225 people who signed up for water services, Ted G. West, Attorney, and W K Dickson and Company as engineers were hired. Officers and Directors were elected. The Officers and Directors of Baton Water Corporation were as follows:

  • Haywood Holman - Chairman

  • Larry Wheeling - Secretary

  • James McGinnis - Treasurer


  • Felix Cannon - Director

  • Carl Greene - Director

  • Horace Howington - Director

  • Jack Pritchard - Director

In June of 1967, a telegram from US Senator Sam J. Ervin Jr. was received by Mr. Haywood Holman stating that Baton Water's FHA loan application had been approved for $228,000, and would serve 225 families.

1968 - Two wells were drilled near the center of Baton Community, one capable of furnishing 75 gallons per minute and the second with a 100 gallon per minute capacity. The first well was located off of Kaylor Drive and the second located behind Baton Tire & Auto. A third well was drilled at a later time off of Midas Bolick Rd. Subsequent test by the state health officials determined that the water was pure and free of iron and acid.

At the April 23rd meeting, Board members agreed that after July 1, 1968, tap on charges would increase to $150.00. Water rates were $5.00 for the first 3000 gallons.

Plans were being completed for installation of a 150,000 gallon storage tank on top of Cajah's Mountain to supply the water system which would extend along the Connelly Springs Road towards Colliers Methodist Church and through the Dry Ponds Road area.

1969 - Around March, excavation began to install approximately 12 miles of six inch water lines.  If plans materialize, the 325 charter members of the Baton Water Corporation, should have clean, clear water in about six months.

October 14, 1969 - water began flowing through some 20 miles of main line extending along Connelly Springs Road from Dry Ponds intersection to an area near Collier’s United Methodist Church.  As demand grew for water, the system extended past its original plans. The system served 435 members in the entire area.

The billing process was a joint effort.  Larry Wheeling, secretary, would print the bills at Shuford Mills, where he worked.  Mrs. Ruth Holman would mail the bills and do collections from Holman Grocery.

Baton Water By-Laws were adopted.  Directors will be elected by the membership, with each customer having one vote.  The By-Laws Article VIII for Officers and Directors are as follows:  the board of directors of this corporation shall consist of 7 members, all of whom shall be members of the corporation.  The directors named in the articles of incorporation shall serve until the first annual meeting of the members and until their successors are elected and have qualified.  At the first annual meeting of the members, 2 directors shall be elected for a term of one year, 2 directors for a term of two years, and 3 directors for a term of three years.  At each annual meeting thereafter, the members shall elect for a term of three years the number of directors whose terms of office have expired.

2018- Today Baton water supplies water to approximately 3,000 members.  Our office, crew and Board aims to bring satisfaction to everyone that we serve.

The directors are still elected on the same rotation 2/2/3.  The annual meeting is held each year on the second Saturday of March from 2:00 – 4:00 PM at the Baton Water Corporation Office, 2611 Connelly Springs Rd.